Configurable HWIL IMage-generator for Advanced EOIR Radiometry Applications

Chimaera output for a closing sequence on two F18 aircraft (plumes not modeled). Chimaera™ (see datasheet) supports full 16-bit, high-fidelity optical scene projection at arbitrary resolutions from 512x512@200Hz to 1024x1024@100Hz throughout the 0.20 – 25.0 um spectrum. (1024x1024@200Hz anticipated shortly). It features first-principles signature and atmospheric phenomenology modeling in real-time, including:

  • Real-time full-transient dynamic thermal modeling with appropriate surface boundary conditions
  • Real-time Modtran 4.0-based modeling of spectral LOS transmittance, path radiance, & scattering
  • Real-time, Modtran 4.0-based modeling of natural source spectral irradiances (solar, sky, lunar, etc)
  • Real-time, parameterized-BRDF-modeling for synthesis of directional spectral reflectance and emittance.
  • Real-time modeling of high-emittance sources like plumes, flares, engine nozzles, etc.

Unlike other HWIL IR scene simulators which rely on cumbersome user generation of large look-up-tables (LUTS) before the simulator can be run, Chimaera performs virtually all of its signature and atmospheric modeling and simulation "on-the-fly".